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Nil Alter (Ciltli)

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This book focuses on Nil Yalter as an artist who continues to bear witness to the society she lives in from a critically sensitive view point, and is the first in-depth study on her life and art. In the book, we opted to present Yalter’s art and life via a selection of articles that adopt a versatile, multi-faceted approach that progresses via concepts. In addition to my own biographical article in which I try to present Nil Yalter’s life and art along parallel lines, the article by the art historian Juan Vicente Aliaga focuses mostly on the artist’s work from the 1970s and 1980s from the viewpoint of ”Feminism and Gender”. Fabienne Dumont, the art historian who for many years has worked with Yalter, examined her works on migration and the working class via the concepts of feminism and labor. Melis Tezkan focused on the digital technologies the artist has especially since the 1980s in the context of philosophy and identity and analysed Yalter’s contribution to the field of media art. With the interview he carried out with Nil Yalter, Adriano Pedrosa allows us to hear the artist speak in her own words about her life and career, allowing the readers of this book to sense the atmosphere of the artist’s studio in Paris. – Derya Yücel


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